Well-known singer Nyusha had a fight with her spouse live.

Russian singer Nyusha and her fiance, chief Advisor to the President
The international University sports Federation FISU Igor Sivov was priglasheny
in the closing ceremony of the KHL. During the announcement of the winner, a young couple
start to argue who of them will call the name, according to “Russian conversation”.

Did not have time
young people up to the stage, they began to argue. Igor insisted that for him
will be a great honor and joy to announce the nominees, but his future
wife interrupted him, expressing that also not averse to name the winner.

to note that the debate was staged quite deliberately, to
to cheer up a bored audience and draw more attention to the winners.
Many viewers claim that couples fight looked very unnatural and they
you need to pull acting .

most of the audience and users of social networks are sure that Nyusha with
my boyfriend looks just wonderful and seem the perfect couple.
The comments were filled with praise to the couple.

As a reminder,
what famous Russian singer is going to marry Igor Sivova. Recently
the engagement of the lovers, and became acquainted with the family of the NYSE. The parents of the actress
took darling daughter.