The incident occurred in Odessa in the night of 6 may. In one of the courtyards on cable street, where the volunteer organization “the Headquarters of the defense of Odessa”, a grenade exploded.

According to preliminary data, unknown activated RDG-5. Shrapnel damaged one of the parked cars. Reports about it “Диалог.UA” reports, “Russian conversation”.

In a Network there was video from the event. The footage shows that the explosion occurs in front of cars. In the course of incident nobody has suffered. In the place of police work. Police opened a criminal case.

Earlier in Calm village, situated in Odessa region, vandals broke off the head on the monument to Vladimir Lenin, who managed to escape took place in Ukraine, “Leninabad” .

As reported by the “Russian conversation” on the Internet was published a video, which depicted as Odessa chased the radicals of the Kulikovo field.