Odessa September 2, will celebrate the 223rd birthday of the city, the security Service of Ukraine urges citizens and guests of Odessa to be vigilant in public places during the holidays.

As informs on Friday a press-service of the Odessa city Council, the main celebration of the city Day on September 2. They will start on Dumskaya square with the opening ceremony followed by the laying of flowers to the monument to the founders of Odessa. After that, different locations of the city fairs, festivals, will host a variety of events.

In particular, on Starosennaya square will be launched the project “Odessa German tram”, the anniversary of the construction of the colony electric tram line which connected the village of Lustdorf Odessa. Guests will be treated to the dishes of national cuisine, will present a concert of creative groups of the German societies from different regions of Ukraine will hold master-classes and exhibitions of applied and decorative arts .

Among other events – the opening of the Avenue of stars Odessa new names: Ilya Ilf, Yevgeny Petrov, Valentin Kataev, Kyriakos Kostandi, Valeria obodzinsky and Konstantin Paustovsky.

A new exhibition in the city Day will present a Museum-apartment of Leonid Utesov, and in Greek Park will be held the opening of the stele of the sculptor Mikhail Reva.

Also on 2 September in the City Park will act as the municipal Philharmonic orchestra of the city of Amphilochius (Greece).

The largest and most spectacular event of the city day will be a gala concert on the Potemkin stairs. It will take part of the Odessa artists, and Nino Katamadze, Celentano Tribute and “Okean Elzy”. At the end of the concert there will be fireworks.

Meanwhile, the management of SBU in Odessa region encourages residents and guests to be vigilant during the holidays.

“The security service of Ukraine urges residents and visitors to the city to remain vigilant and observe safety measures while staying in public places during holidays and weekends, to inform law enforcement officers about unattended suspicious objects or vehicles”, – said the press center of the Ministry.

In SBU note that special attention should be paid to individuals whose behaviour causes concern. “They may be incomprehensible to an increased interest in the objects of transport infrastructure and places of mass stay of people, businesses, military facilities, buildings, bodies of power and administration”, – is spoken in the SBU message.

The security service of Ukraine in Odessa region went on high alert for “timely identification, the prevention and suppression of possible terrorist acts”.