Odessa region prepare documents for rehabilitation of protective structures along the Danube river, reports of the Odessa regional state administration with reference to the corresponding order of the head of the regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

As informs on Wednesday a press-service of the Odessa regional state administration, currently, several sections of the dam is in poor condition. In the case of flood risk can be 33 settlements, roads and farmland. The total area of probable inundation of 80 ha.

According to the Director of SOE “Odesa United Directorate of construction waterworks objects” George Buzyna, is not even the current care structures. The result is an intense destruction of the dam at the 108-th km near the village of sailor Izmail district, and 101-105 km near the town of Izmail. Also in critical condition is a gateway controller, which determines the fate of the Yalpug lake and drinking water intake of the city of Bolgrad.

In turn, M . Stepanov instructed to prepare all necessary calculations to solve the problem. “So I had the materials for conversation, including with the Central authorities. And especially prepare information about possible consequences if this problem is not to do” – quoted Stepanova press-service yeah

Protective structures of the Danube was built in the 30-50-ies of the twentieth century. Basically, it is an earthen mound, which began to sink. According to the state administration of 225 km of the dam 115 km should be strengthened, and of the 13 sluices-regulators half is in need of repair. The last time funds for the reconstruction of structures allocated from the state budget not less than four years ago.

Estimated full recovery of the protective structures of the Danube will cost 790 million UAH.

As reported, in September 2013 due to incessant rains in the South of Odessa region, burst a dam on the river kogilnik. Then SSES had to evacuate about 600 people. Many families have lost their homes, damaged infrastructure.

In the spring of 2013 the Odessa region has already raised the question about the critical condition of protective structures of the Danube. Then the former head of the Ministry of emergency situations Viktor Baloga asked the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov to allocate 65 million UAH for carrying out of works on reconstruction of the dam along the Ukrainian section of the Danube river, and for repairing several gateways that are in poor condition.

Almost the same amount (67 million.) the government has allocated for this work in 2010 when the head of the emergency situations Ministry was Nestor Shufrych.