Odessa regional Council has announced an open art and architecture competition to determine the best project proposal for the erection of a monument to the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred in Odessa region.

As reported in the press service of the Odessa regional Council, a monument to the best project will be installed in the square of Heroes of Heaven Hundreds, before the first administrative building of the Odessa regional Council.

The competition will be able to participate specialists and groups of authors in the field of architecture, sculpture, design, fine arts, students of specialized educational institutions and other Amateur collectives of the Odessa region and other regions of Ukraine.

“The contest is free of charge in one round, no limit on the number of participants. The winners will be awarded cash prizes. First place – 30 thousand UAH , the second – 15 thousand UAH, the third – 5 thousand UAH. To determine the best competition entries formed the jury of the Competition”, – quotes words of the head of regional Council Anatoly Urban press service of the regional Council.

First, all projects will be considered in the form of computer models, and then the participants will work to prepare a layout of your project (from the materials at its sole discretion) for inspection at the premises. On voting (including Internet voting).

“The opinion of inhabitants of Odessa will be taken into account, but the last word will be for professional members of the Commission of the contest – architects, sculptors, art critics,” – said A. Urban.

Submission of works for the contest will run until April 2, 2018, and the results will be announced in early July.

Earlier, the regional Council has already conducted a similar contest. But its results were canceled due to the fact that the winner project of the media and the experts saw a rip-off from the monument “the Dove of peace” in the Russian Angarsk.