The inhabitants of Odessa and city visitors on Saturday celebrated the 223rd anniversary of the founding of the southern Palmira.

As the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine”, the celebration officially began with a ceremony of raising the flag of Odessa on Dumskaya square, which was attended by the leadership of the city and region, Honorary citizens of the city, official delegations and honorary guests from different countries of the world, clergy, veterans, representatives of various branches of the armed forces of the armed forces of Ukraine.

After that in different locations in the city began a variety of festivals, concerts, fairs, shows. For example, on Starosennaya square hosted the event “Odessa German tram”, the anniversary of the construction of the colony electric tram line . In the city garden held a multicultural project “In Odessa all his”, during which his work was represented by the national creative team “Trecut”, dance group “Ludo-young”, folk group “F-sharp”, dance group “Bulgarian heart” and others.

On the Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa opened a monument to the first Greek colonists landed on the coast of the Gulf of Odessa 26 centuries ago. The monument is a rectangular stele, which depicts and signed the ancient colonies of the North-Western black sea (Tira, Olbia, nikoni and others). The stele is crowned by a bronze replica of an ancient Greek wine bowl of a Kylix on which is written in ancient Greek, “drink faster.” And on the Lanzheronovskaya on the Avenue of stars, new names of Odessa, round date since the birth of which marked this year: Ilya Ilf, Yevgeny Petrov, Valentin Kataev, Kyriakos Kostandi, Valeria obodzinsky and Konstantin Paustovsky.