Odessa regional centre of telemedicine, founded on the base of Odessa regional clinical hospital (OKB) beginning in April 2019 in test mode conducted more than 5,000 consultations with patients in remote settlements.

As reported the head of the center Artem Lyashenko, currently the telemedicine system works in 84 health facilities in the region. The creation of a telemedicine network was sent to 2,945 million.

The regional telemedicine center launched for information-medical platform for the electronic exchange of patient data between physicians in order to establish or clarify diagnosis, choice of treatment, receiving a qualified opinion on the results of instrumental, laboratory, functional and other research methods.

The system allows you to send information about patients to the right medical institution: x-rays, cardiogram, ultrasound, CT and MRI (with proper equipment).

In the work of the telemedicine network was attended by over 150 physicians in 21 area.

“The biggest demand among patients for consultations of cardiologists, radiologists and pulmonologists,” said Lyashenko.

According to Deputy head physician OKB of Nikolai bayazitova, 90% of telemedicine consultations were effective.”

“Professionals who are on the periphery, is not always enough qualified to make a clinical decision. This is most apparent in obstetrics and gynecology”, he said.

Bayazitov noted that on average, the center hosts 25 to 30 consultations on a daily basis.