Primorsky district court of Odessa was released from custody 11 suspects in the attacks, their plan to exchange for captured militants in the Donbas Ukrainians, Odessa reports the Internet the edition “Duma” on Saturday

As reported “Duma” a source in the SBU, this morning Primorsky district court of Odessa released from custody and suspected of a half dozen explosions (mainly from volunteer centres) Alexander Shevtsov, Igor Udovenko, Yevhen Podmazko and Catherine Foteva; organizer of the explosion under the walls of regional management of SBU Vladimir Grubnyk, and a number of others with such accusations.

Just released from prison 11 people.

Individuals who are accused or convicted of terrorist acts on the territory of Odessa and region, plan to exchange for Ukrainian citizens captured by militants.

All of them were taken at the checkpoint of entry/exit (KPVV) “Mallorcan” near Gorlovka, which on Sunday will host the exchange.

In addition to these individuals, according to the publication “Timer”, the Russian fighters will give defendants in such cases who are now under house arrest or bail, in particular the participants of the “case 2 may” Sergey Dolzhenkov.

Also on the days of the Ukrainian colonies began to export convicts and fans of Russia. They were transferred to Kiev prison, where then was taken directly to the exchange location. It is known about five people, among them — Konstantin Kalashnikov (13 years for sabotage on the Railways) and Denis Shatunov (10 years for organizing the assassination, which failed to prevent), reports “Duma”.