TASS, August 22. The latest gas-turbine engines for military aviation will show the United engine Corporation (UEC, part of rostec state Corporation) at the international forum “Army-2017”. As reported on Tuesday the press service of the UEC, among the submitted samples will be engines for su-35 and MiG-35.

“Visitors to the UEC stand for “Army-2017″ will be able to see the engines for combat aircraft AL-41F-1S and AL-31ФН, helicopter engine VK-2500ПС, and marine gas turbine engine М70ФРУ,” – said the Corporation.

Turbojet engine AL-41F-1S with afterburner and thrust vector control, allowing the aircraft to reach supersonic speeds without afterburner, is mounted on multi-purpose fighter su-35. In the exposition of the aviation cluster in the center “Patriot” will also feature an upgraded RD-33MK engines, which are equipped light fighters MiG-29 .

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“The RD-33MK engines in January 2017 raised in the air started flight tests of the newest Russian multifunctional frontline fighter MiG-35”, – reminded in ODK.

Another exhibit – AL-31ФН – UPS in the air single-engine Chinese fighter J-10. Helicopter direction will be presented turboshaft engine VK-2500ПС. This is the latest modification put into series production in Russia the VK-2500 engine with improved performance and the use of modern digital electronic system control and monitoring.

“Among the key projects of the JDC in the area of military engine can distinguish the development of the advanced engine for the su-57, the development of a turboprop engine TV7-117СТ for the Il-112V, the creation of local base of the marine gas turbine construction, development of small korotkosherstnyh engines,” listed in the Corporation.

Forum “Army-2017” will take place at the Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre “Patriot” from 22 to 27 August.