20 of Kiev, who in past days was diagnosed with coronavirus disease Covid-19, five women ranging in age from 49 to 60 years and 15 men aged 19 to 74 years.

As reported on the official site of Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko on Sunday morning, among the people of Kiev, who was ill for the past day – one medic.

To the city hospital was hospitalized four patients. The rest are treated at home, in isolation, under the supervision of physicians.

As of morning on April 12 in Kiev 416 confirmed cases Covid-19, 12 recovered, seven died.

“Friends! I understand that today is a holiday – palm Sunday. Understand that everybody is tired of sitting at home. But I urge you to play it safe, stay home! Take care of yourself!” – wrote Klitschko on his page in Facebook.