Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko said that Russia, which repressed Ukrainian language and continues to do so in the occupied Crimea, can not tell Ukraine what language to speak and write.

“A country which for centuries using repression of the Ukrainian language and forcibly ousted her Russian in all spheres of public life, has no right to tell us what language to speak and write. This is our internal affair and we will deal with it with the help of our partners, including international institutions,” Yelchenko said at a meeting of the UN security Council on Tuesday.

The diplomat added that the Ukrainian school in Australia, Argentina, Slovakia and many other countries. “In Russia, where about 3 million Ukrainians – and this is only according to official statistics – there are no Ukrainian schools. Moreover, in the Crimea until the Russian occupation in 2014 was 7 15 Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar schools. The occupation authorities closed all Ukrainian and half of the Crimean Tatar schools,” he said.

The Ambassador is convinced that Russia, by raising such issues in the security Council, wants to divert attention and relieve the pressure from yourself.

“Every time Russia raises this issue, they have a dual purpose: to make pressure on Ukraine to ease the pressure on themselves,” – said Yelchenko.

While noting that the law on the Ukrainian language is irrelevant to the issues which should discuss the UN security Council, because it regulates domestic politics.