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– Elina, congratulations with the eighth victory in a row. The match with Lynette thought you was not playing at full strength. It was a victory for the class?

– Yes, of course, I think winning the class is a very proper word to match with Lynette. In my performance was no supergame, but what I demonstrated was good enough for today’s opponent. On the important goals I played really well and in many ways that is what brought me victory.

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– For the third year in a row, and output to 1/8 “Roland Garros”. On the other “Hats” until the maximum of the third round. What’s so special about on the courts in Paris?

– I strongly do not think about it. Try to play as much as possible at all “helmets”, but as it turns out. Now I have the highest rating and the grid is a little different . Of course, there are no easy opponents, but still have some real opponents. The principle here is I have always had good results and it is an indication that the “Roland Garros” stable tournament for me.

– The “Grand slam” you for the first time in the status of a player in the TOP 10. Feel additional pressure or responsibility?

Is a double – edged sword. On the one hand there is pressure, of course, there is the expectation from the fans, from people expecting something from the players that are high. On the other hand, I played a lot of matches (record for wins in a season – 34), many this year won tournaments, so there is a lot of confidence and it plays a major role in the important moments.

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– I feel that they are able to win on “Rolan Garros”? (The bookies think Elina Svitolina one of the favorites)

– I play at a good level, but don’t think too much ahead. Obviously this is a good sign that I show good tennis, especially in difficult situations.

– How do you support at the matches, meet Ukrainians?

– Now a lot more people began to support me in different countries! There were quite a number of different such good fans who always come to tournaments to support me. I always try to return to give an autograph, take a picture.


It’s very important when you see a lot of flags in the stadium. In Dubai (the second won the title in 2017), I enjoyed great support from the Ukrainian fans. I’m glad tennis is becoming more popular among Ukrainians. In Paris also constantly meet fans, and here came my mom and dad.

– I’m sure many people wonder freely is the heart of one of the most beautiful tennis players in the world?

– I do not respond to this question, but if you look on the Internet, I think you will find the answer.

(Instagram Elina Svitolina has several joint photographs with a player of England cricket Reece Topley. The young man also publishes pictures with Elina).

Instagram Elina Svitolina

In a recent interview you stated that there was rethink in terms of tennis career and unsportsmanlike things. What are you talking about?

I meant that life is not only tennis that you need to broaden your horizons: more to think about other things, about the future, look to the future. Still there is life off the court! I want to constantly learn something new, read a lot. Now the more I read books about Economics and business. It is interesting to me because tennis is very close to the business.

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– What are your plans after the tournament in Paris?

– After the “Roland Garros” will rest for a few days go, probably to London to prepare for the “Wimbledon”. Will see how it will play, as there is a small health problems, so I will look at the health. Before the “Wimbledon” plan to act only at the tournament in Birmingham.

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