The office of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has opened in Odesa on Friday.

As the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine”, at the opening of an office in Odessa there arrived the Director of NABU Sytnyk and head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky. Odessa region was represented by the head of regional administration Maxim Stepanov.

According to A. Sytnik, the staffing in the office will be 24 employees, including 16 investigators. Currently selected for 8 detectives. The office opened without a leader: 4 competition for the position of head of the Odessa branch of NABU did not succeed, now is the 5th contest, which is attended by several dozen people.

Director of the NAB added that apart from the ongoing corruption cases, the Odessa office will be to pay attention to local specifics: the illegal building of the coast, corruption in the customs, corruption at major state-owned enterprises, including the Odessa port plant . The focus of the office will be South of Ukraine.

“Priorities are to be defined in the Central management in the light of the information that will get territorial Department of… the Specifics of the region – beachfront… At the Odessa customs, different wrote: there was corruption, then there was no corruption, then like again appeared in Odessa. Of course, it will be in the zone of special attention”, – said A. Sytnik, promising to disclose information about investigations into several cases of corruption concerning Odessa in the fall.

Public reception of NABOO in Odessa will be located in the 2nd administrative building of the Odessa regional state administration on the street cable car.