Anton Orekh

To carry out this year’s Game is ridiculous.

I’m a fan, and for me, the Olympics is the main event of the year. In any other situation, the cancellation of the Games would be for me a real drama. But what is a drama you know, when you really see the drama. To carry out this year’s Game is ridiculous. It just seems that before opening a lot of time. In fact, time is almost gone. Even if specifically in Japan, things went smoothly and life seems to be here-here will start to return to normal. But you tell us now about the normal life of the Italians. Or almost any resident of Europe. Or in the State of new York let’s talk now about the celebration of peace and sport.

It is obvious that the pandemic has not even reached its peak. This is not a Japanese Game, and the world. There athletes and tourists from two hundred countries. It’s a risk for them and for the Japanese themselves. While the Olympics can’t just get up and start. Almost half of the athletes in Tokyo are not even qualified! That is, it must be time to hold the competition, elementary to determine the participants of the Games! When? Where? In what condition will the athletes, many of whom are not actually trained for a few weeks? Even though a pandemic will be able to stop, it will take some time to guarantee that you will not go a second wave of infection – after all, hundreds of millions of people no immunity to it and vaccine yet either.

At this moment canceled or postponed for the next year almost all the major international competitions, including the European championship on football which on the scale is not inferior to the Olympics. To hold in such circumstances, the Olympic games at any price – what’s the point? The more that every day more and more countries and international federations declare the impossibility of their participation.

These Games is definitely not to be complete. The organizers will receive the actual boycott – and, for the first time it will boycott not political, but humanitarian! Of course, the organizers will lose money. But who doesn’t lose money, except for developers of vaccines and traders of medical masks, buckwheat and toilet paper? There are, however, there is a subtle point. The fact that the Olympic village in Tokyo – is a residential complex of apartments in which, beginning in the fall are already sold out. And if you put all, say for 2021, as did the European football championship, in a year of athletes in the Olympic village will not accommodate. But for the sake of solving the housing problem, to organize the Olympic games in any format, without the viewers will be idiocy. Or as now you have the right to say, “conidiation”.

Anton Orekh, “Echo Of Moscow”