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MOSCOW, March 1. /Offset. TASS Olga Svistunova/. The Moscow theatre under the direction of people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov celebrates its 30th birthday. Congratulated the first “Snuff” with the anniversary of her father was the founder and artistic Director Oleg Tabakov. He delivered remarks at a press conference held at the historic stage at the legendary “the basement” on Chaplygin street.

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In Moscow opened a new stage of “Snuff”

Putin congratulated theatre of Oleg Tabakov in Moscow with the opening of the new stage

“We 30 years – stated tobacco. – During this time we played 100 performances for which tickets were missing”. “But we must move on,” said artistic Director of “Snuff”.

Upcoming plans led them to the theatre, Oleg Pavlovich to announce flatly refused. “What about the plans we implement them, and you’ll see. The main thing that all were alive and healthy, and let us do the rest”, – said Tabakov .

In the foyer of the historic scene at Chaplygina street was also opened the exhibition “30 years”, depicting the history of “Snuff”.

Another point of celebration was the presentation of the album “history of the thirty seasons”, which included more than 500 unique photos and author’s comments, reflecting the entire history of theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakov from the creation to the present day. “The record volume of 400 pages is an ENCYCLOPAEDIA of the life of the theatre, in which, for example, provides a detailed map of the tour routes and mentioned all the actors “Snuffboxes” in the past 30 years”, – said the author of the book Phil Reznikov. According to him, the work turned out weighty in the literal and figurative sense. “The weight of the album is 2 kg 30 grams,” – said Reznikov.

Jubilee marathon

At the press conference also was announced the program of the anniversary celebrations, which will last for three months.

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In “Snuff” held a press screening of the play “Matrosskaya Tishina”

The most important event in the framework of the jubilee events will be the festival called “benefit of thirty years”. Starring in the plays will be performed by Oleg Tabakov, Marina Zudina, Andrey Smolyakov, Nadezhda Timokhina, Sergey Belyaev, Mikhail Khomyakov.

Just recently opened a new building of theatre “Scene at Sukharevskaya”. In the jubilee months to begin the development of space, a Large rehearsal hall for 100 seats. There, in particular, will host a series of evenings “Creative way” with the participation of leading and emerging theater artists. The moderators of these meetings will be well-known Russian journalists and theatre critics.

Viewers will also be able to participate in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of “Snuff”. Three months on the big screen will go a joint project with the TV channel “Culture”. Viewers will show performances “Last”, “bottom”, “house of mirrors”, “Sublimation of love”, “the seven who were hanged”, “Passions for Bumbarash”, “Idiot”, “the wise man stumbles”.

In March, the Central Federal TV channels will also be two feature-length documentary film about the Moscow theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakov.

The award is in honor of the anniversary

One of the main events of the jubilee promises to be an annual award to Oleg Tabakov, who by tradition is handed on March 27 – international day of theatre.

“On this day, since 1995, Oleg Tabakov theatre annually presents its award”, – said at a press conference the Director of “Snuff” Alexander Stulnev.

The upcoming ceremony will take place on the “Stage at Sukharevskaya”, where the winners will be awarded a badge specially made on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the theater of Oleg Tabakov.

“Specially manufactured jewelry memorials of two categories,” – said Stulnev. He informed that the memorial jewels were made by remarkable Russian artist Nikolay Simonov of white and black gold and decorated with precious stones. In confirmation of his words, the Director of “Snuff” showed signs of jewelry to the participants of the press conference.

Stulnev reported that the signs of the first category will be awarded to people working in the “Box” 30 years of its existence. “This is Oleg Tabakov, six artists, one dresser and one assistant Director,” he listed Stulnev.

“Signs of the second category will be awarded to people who did a lot for “Snuff”, but not worked in the theater 30 years of its existence,” said the theatre’s Director, adding that the number of these laureates are Vladimir Mashkov, Yevgeny Mironov, Sergey Bezrukov, Konstantin Bogomolov and several famous artists. All winners will also be awarded a handsome cash reward.

From the history of “Snuff”

“Snuff” was born, so to speak, illegitimate child. It was in the mid-1970s, when a successful actor and Director Oleg Tabakov decided to create his own Studio.

Having at its disposal a cellar where he stored the coal, the Studio adapted it for the theatre, where they started to play shows, which was a resounding success with audiences and critics. In a stuffy little zalchik flocked all intellectual Moscow, feeling that it was here, in the basement, on Clean ponds, is a small island of freedom.

However, the decree establishing the Moscow theatre under the direction of Tabakov came only in 1986. The first performance that “Snuff” played, already having official status was “the Chair” by then the acclaimed novel by Yuri Polyakov “state of emergency of regional scale” – about the fate of smart and gifted man who throwaway their talent at the DPC. The Prime Minister fell on March 1, 1987. This date became an official birthday of the theatre under the direction of Tabakova.