Leading unsuccessfully increased the lips, for which she was criticized by users of social networks.

It reports, “Russian conversation”.

Olga several times resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, however, unlike many of his colleagues, not often with the operations, and the fans praised her for it. But after the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov Buzova decided to experiment more with looks.

Recently leading had her lips done. Many fans tried to dissuade her from this, as a celebrity looked attractive in “natural” form. However, now Olga, apparently satisfied with his appearance.

Buzova published a photo where posing after plastic surgery. The photo clearly shows that the lips of the stars became much more, and their volume only increased bright matte lipstick. The fans didn’t like the result and they criticized the leadership .

According to followers, Olga used to look much more cute and natural than now. Some people think it copies the new darling of the ex-spouse. Others believe that Buzova ought to extend small Breasts, and no lip, which looked quite attractive.