Ivan Urgant has proved that TV presenter Olga Buzova sing “under plywood”, taking her microphone.

Recently in the Moscow concert hall “Crocus city hall” was held the concert “Prozhektorperiskhilton”. Special invited guest was aspiring singer Olga Buzova, who performed the hit “get Used to”, according to “Russian conversation”.

During the performance the participants of the project Alexander Tsekalo, Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakov and Garik Martirosyan were also on the scene. At one point Ivan Urgant and Sergey Svetlakov decided to play a joke on the artist.

Sergey approached Buzova and abruptly took her microphone, but the lyrics continue sound. Olga was surprised, however, Urgant and Svetlakov started to dance and moved all in jest. Despite this, His still felt a little embarrassed. “Olga Buzova. Live sound,” said Urgant .

Itself Buzova shared in his video, which was captured the incident and laughed at myself. “Can sing even without a microphone”, “Sing like you know”, “Learned to sing from Britney Spears” – this just added the TV presenter.