The leader told, what she’d want in a new relationship.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Olga just a few months ago officially became a free woman. Celebrity legitimized their breakup with the football player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. Of course, Buzova wasn’t an easy decision, because she lived with her husband for five years. Now the athlete has already found a new darling – model Anastasia Kostenko. The girl lives with Dmitri, however, while the question of the new marriage is not.

Olga herself while alone and says that she just really wanted to fall in love. It is noteworthy that this leading claimed for a new relationship she’s not ready.

Now Buzova want, that the young man was aware of her attachment to work and avoid being blamed for “workaholism”. Well as a celebrity dreams of romance, lovely walks and kisses under the moon . Olga prefers men, the defenders, which could help in difficult times, protecting them from all adversity.