About the trauma she told Olga Buzova in its official microblogging “Instagram”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Your words are water, so the buttocks. Most of all was afraid that will slip, and that’s what happened to me today. I hope no one noticed. Baku, thanks for the support and warm welcome”, – said Olga.

Only after the speech Olga admitted that the blood broke his leg. However, on stage the singer even mind not shown, something went wrong.

Olga added that the whole incident occurred because rehearsal time on the stage was not so much water as at this concert, so Olga did not cope with a very slippery stage.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in the family of Olga Buzova there was a serious fight: the relationship falling apart. It is also known that Buzova sowed panic among the fans, a statement about the last concert.