The athlete is sure that Belarus is a difficult situation, and advises everyone to stay home.

The Olympic champion on weightlifting Andrey Aryamnov in 2019 won a silver medal at the world Championships and Europe, and according to surveys of journalists was named the best athlete of the year in the country. In 2020 Andrew had intended to go to the Olympics in Tokyo, but the coronavirus to press pause on the world of sport. In an interview Aryamnov was told that due to problems with lungs can get sick, and therefore rarely leaves the house. Further, the publication cites direct speech weightlifter:

As soon as the coronavirus appeared in Belarus, I realized that we will have a difficult situation. The other day I heard that in my hometown, in Borisov, too, have the people affected. Have to sit at home and wait out this outbreak and not to go to restaurants and discos. I would not want to have to become in Italy, as, in my opinion, we have no way easy to cope with a serious epidemic.

I have lung problems — suffer from chronic bronchitis, so I was at risk. Try in the stores is to visit often and walk in hours when there are less people. Cash money do not use. Only pay with a card. Use personal care products.

Buy all about stock you need to always lay the meat to pasta, rice, buckwheat. And if there’s an epidemic, I we hold out precisely, without leaving home. I have two refrigerators: when the old one was acting up, we bought new, and bought the old app.

Not all Belarusians can stay at home, because you need a lot of work. Someone already busy with two jobs to pay the loans, some fathers pay child support. So I think people will work hard without stopping.

I now have two children (in November 2019 Andrew was born the son). Brand four months only. If you could previously afford to risk in the competition, now think about your family budget. In Europe at this time wanted to raise the weight on wages next year. And if you would like me to play inside the team for points and a place in the Olympics, most likely, would have missed the continental championship.

A week ago the European championship in weightlifting due to coronavirus was moved to June. Although he was to be held in April. This may be followed by the transfer of the Olympiad (to be held in Tokyo in August 2020).

Only for me the transfer of the championship of Europe because of the coronavirus is good. For the guys from our team badly, as they were ready. I went to the results of 185 kg in the snatch and 215 kg in clean and jerk, which would be enough to get into the top three, but, alas, was injured.

I have a torn ligament in his right elbow. Injured his hand on the second hike when performing the snatch with a weight of 170 kg. interestingly, on the day of transfer of the European championship earlier news about it, is overstrained. Upset because decided that missing the tournament. But in connection with its transport time to recover enough. While the need to withstand a two-week rest, and there’ll be thinking. Have to pump and stretch the ligament, to achieve habituation to the load.

I wasn’t planning to show good results in Europe because I wanted to be more reliable. However, trying to accumulate funds to prepare for the Olympics. For second place in the European championship last year I paid three thousand dollars, which did not cover preparation costs. But at the end of the calendar year, and in 2019, I still became the silver medalist of the world championship, I had a salary. It’s already can be a little exist.

If you take the Olympics, for me it’s bad. Younger because I’m not getting to speak at length with serious ambitions are not counted. Looking ahead to the Olympics. You need to think about how to live and train on. To spend the summer Games at the end of the year? No idea how this is possible. I heard that you can move on 2021 and 2022. If so, it seems to me it makes sense to be patient and to hold on to the Olympic games in 2024 in Paris — that the Olympics will not survive?

What is happening now in other sports, I have not care. In life outside of weightlifting I’m far from the Belarusian sport. I was tired of watching the awarded athletes rich in sports. Even after I was named the best athlete of Belarus in 2019, nobody congratulated me. It’s a shame! Don’t think about sports.

I’m sad when I think about the attitude in the country to weightlifting. Our guys, Belarusians, very strong. Records , Leonid Taranenko and is listed in the Guinness Book of records (266 kg in clean and jerk and 475 kg in the snatch). And we, weightlifters, in addition to the base in Staiki really nothing. No his Palace. Nothing is earned, not advancing the sport to the masses. As if we put a cross.

I do not see prospects for further development. Consistently, the same situation with fees in flocks. And, you know, when years of sitting in one place, start to degrade. Leaving the desire to grow.

The championship of Belarus on football and hockey was not suspended, as around the world. Apparently, people expect to earn money on the tickets. Not that the stadiums were idle. That’s only what they earn? The service of the Ministerial fleet? Now ask me if I will go to the matches! No, even if I was given free tickets.

Let’s see how to spread the infection. I don’t think these events (football and hockey games in Belarus) will not lead to something. Still, the outbreak is much more serious than it seems. The people will cheer.

In this world, you can never be sure. You’re going to the European championship or do not go, take you to the Olympics or not — in this limbo unpleasant to be in. You have to train it first, but first to deal with their trauma.