It should be noted,
the discovery was made in the Polish village Sandomierz. Discoverer
the phenomenon was a local resident who was involved in the Foundation for our own
garage. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Before the tomb of the Egyptian official revealed the burial of a woman and child.

According to
experts, in burial, in addition to human bones, have been identified
a severed bear’s paw. According to preliminary calculations, the age of discovery
nearly 4,500 years.

Finding bones
animals in prehistoric graves is not uncommon, however, the remains of a bear
in the burial with the bones of people archaeologists met for the first time. Scientists
I believe that the local population was
the peculiar ritual of burial. Also attributes burials were bones
cattle and lower jaw of a pig.

The second issue,
which will have to unravel the researchers, is the presence of dismembered bodies
representative of the stronger sex and a baby. 6000 years ago, a similar custom was
inherent in the inhabitants of the Orkney Islands. Also on the territory of Ireland
conducted similar rituals 5,000 years ago.

Earlier, the Mexicans managed to find the burial of a boy with the remains of the Jaguar. We will remind that earlier the archaeologists came upon the burial of the Egyptian stranger.