The draft state budget for 2020 for the second reading involves the expenditure of 916 million 169,2 thousand UAH for maintenance, organizational, information-analytical, is material-technical ensuring activity of the President of Ukraine and his office.

As stated in the bill No. 2000, dated September 15, with modifications for the second reading, only the State administration of General and special Fund allocated 2 billion 412 million 781,2 thousand UAH, out of which 2 billion 379 million 819,9 thousand UAH is provided for the office of public Affairs, which just goes to support activities of the President and his Cabinet.

On “the provision of medical services by medical institutions” provides 239,7 million 793 thousand UAH, for training, advanced training of leading employees and specialists in public administration, training of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel on strategic issues of domestic and foreign policy – 718,8 million 299 thousand UAH.

On the preservation of natural-reserved Fund in national natural parks and reserves in the state budget in 2020 to the office of the state Administration of Affairs allocated 96 million 659,6 thousand UAH, on scientific and scientific-technical activity in the field of public administration, strategic issues of domestic and foreign policy and on issues of mediation and conciliation in solving collective labour disputes (conflicts) – 021,4 92 million UAH on the financial support of the sanatorium-resort establishments and healthcare institutions 86 million 216,5 thousand UAH.

For financial support of the National chamber ensemble “Kyiv soloists”, National cultural-art and Museum complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” laid 092,2 million 50 thousand UAH for implementation of the state investment project “Reconstruction of material-technical base and infrastructure of GP of Ukraine “international children’s center “Artek” (expansion and reconstruction of premises of nutrition unit) – 33 million 121 thousand UAH.

Production of state awards and memorable signs for the office of public Affairs provided 10 million 381,5 thousand UAH, the payment of state premiums – UAH 2.2 million.

A separate line at the National service of mediation and reconciliation of Ukraine to assist in the settlement of collective labour disputes 32 million 961,3 thousand UAH.