Photo: the Size of the cloud is about 1.8 thousand kilometers

The strangeness of this cloud on the red planet lies in its form and that it appears in a strictly allotted time. Scientists are at a loss to explain this phenomenon.

Experts from the European space Agency has published a picture, which shows a cloud over a volcano on Mars. The analysis showed that it consists of water ice, and its size about 1.8 thousand kilometers, according to the organization’s website.

Scientists have noted that such an unusual cloud they saw earlier. According to experts, the cloud appears at this place once a year, and then gradually disappears.

“Most likely, it has nothing to do with the volcano’s activity. We assume that the airflow is influenced by the slope of the volcano,” – said experts.

They added that still can not explain the strange shape of the cloud.

Also strange is that it appears on Mars in a strictly allotted time during the southern solstice, when the Sun is in the southernmost position in the sky over Mars.

During the southern solstice the cloud appears in the morning and increases in size for three hours, and then disappears.

Recall that scientists have created a Martian concrete. The basis for it was sulfur, you have added a composition similar to the Martian surface.

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