The mine №10 “Stepova” of OJSC “lvovugol”, where the explosion occurred that resulted in human casualties, took place the preparatory work to increase coal production, but the load had not been increased; the final conclusion about the cause of the explosion will give the Commission, said the head of the Lviv regional administration Oleg sinyutka.

“Currently the rescue work continues, unfortunately, there are victims, including miners, who are in serious condition. Pre-qualifies as an explosion of methane, but the final conclusion will give the Commission which will investigate,” – said Oleg synyutka, the TV channel “112.Ukraine” on Thursday.

Speaking about the responsible for the incident, he said, “Will set up a Commission that will investigate and she will do the closing, violated any rules of safety and responsible officials . the Load is not increased, on the contrary, compared with the previous time, we did not increase production, but the fact that preparing all tools in order to increase production in connection with the blockade is obvious,” – said the head of Lviv regional state administration.

He noted that any work of miners connected with the threat to health, it is therefore necessary to observe all safety rules.

Answering the question of whether this mine after the incident be used more actively, O. synyutka said, “due To the fact that we have ceased to receive coal from the East of Ukraine, we are prepared to increase production “Lvovugol”. Does breaking with the work on the preparation of increasing the volume or something else to give reply to the Commission”.

Also, according to him, will soon be a meeting of the Commission, which decides on assistance and the victims ‘ families.

As reported, on March 2 at 12:46 p. Glukhov Sokal district, Lviv region at the mine №10 “Stepova” of OJSC “lvovugol” as a result of explosion there was a collapse of rock. Mine worked 172 miners, the emergency section of the 34 miners, out of which 8 died and 6 miners with injuries brought to the surface. 20 the fate of miners still remains unknown.