Dump, fire



Photo: Twitter

Odessa firefighters liquidated ignition of grass and debris at inactive landfill.

On the territory of the inactive solid waste landfill on Shkodova mountain in Odessa on Monday morning, was burning rubbish and dry grass during the day Odessa firefighters were able to first locate the fire, and in the evening to extinguish the fire.

As reports GU gschs of Ukraine in Odessa region, the information about the fire was received on 26 June at 10:20. At 10:41 am to the scene firefighters arrived and found that the fire covered several separate foci on a total area of 0.15 ha. to arrange passage on the side of the machinery was impossible, so the rescuers have laid a hose line.

“The joint efforts of the firefighters at 14:44 the fire managed to be localized to within 0.5 ha, and 19:53 – to eliminate . To prevent re-ignition of personnel of gschs were carried out the duty to identify potential pockets of corruption”, – stated in the message. In GU gschs of Ukraine noted that the cause of the fire is established now by experts.