Photo: From the beaches of Sardinia tourists EN masse stealing sand

Pick up beach sand in Sardinia is a crime. At the airport we collected tons of shells and sand, which tried to take tourists.

On the beaches of Sardinia was returned to the sand that tourists were stealing for many years. On Thursday, August 1, according to Т

The Director of the marine protected area, told reporters that he received a call from the local airport, whose administration announced that their warehouse are stones, shells and the sand container. Everything is confiscated from tourists leaving the island for many years.

“The problem arose when we were informed about the volume of the seized materials – 10 tons. Most of the fill sand bottles and not pay attention to the harm to the environment”, – said the Director of the protected marine area of Tavolara Augusto Navone.

He noted that some of the sand was sent to the beach of Porto San Paolo and some of the stones on the island of Tavolara.

“A number of the confiscated material gives a visual representation of how widely spread habit of tourists to take out sand from the beaches,” said Navone.

Currently in Sardinia preventive measures at the airport of Olbia will be placed information boards warning tourists that the export of sand is a crime.

Earlier it was reported that police patrolling the beaches of Sardinia, because of theft of sand. The penalty for stealing sand from the beach is 300 to 5000 euros.

It was also reported that those who like photos getting washed away in the “death Bath”.

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