The shooting killed three women, three more were wounded

The shooting started in Afghanistan’s Eastern Kunar province. Killing three women, three more were wounded.

Afghan and Pakistani troops clashed on the disputed border between the two countries, three civilians were killed and three wounded. About it reports Radio Freedom.

It is reported that the shooting started in Afghanistan’s Eastern Kunar province on 27 October and continued in the morning of the 28th.

According to a member of the Council, Kunar Sher Khan Replacements, the clash began after the Pakistani security forces tried to deploy a military base along the border in the district of Nari.

Khan added that three civilian Afghan women were killed in the shooting, three more were wounded.

“Pakistani troops fired across the border with mines and missiles,” – said the press-Secretary of the provincial Governor, Abdul-Ghani of Muslim.

The government of Pakistan has not yet reacted to this situation.

Note that Afghanistan and Pakistan share nearly 2,500 kilometers common border known as the Durand line. Pakistan considers it an international border, while Afghanistan does not recognize this border.

Recall that the February escalation in relations between Pakistan and India occurred after the terrorist attack in Kashmir on February 14, which killed 44 Indian strongman. In the ensuing hostilities was shot down a few planes.

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