The guards stopped moving party contraband tobacco through the border checkpoint “Tisa” of the chop detachment on the border with Hungary on Monday reports Department of communications with mass media of administration of State border service of Ukraine.

“Contraband cigarettes found in the structural cavities of the car “Audi” German registration. The driver of the vehicle, a citizen of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, provided the diplomatic passport control”, – stated in the message.

During inspection border guards together with customs officers found in the car of a foreigner, going to Hungary, some 1,500 packs of cigarettes with excise stamps of Ukraine. They were concealed in specially made hiding place in the rear bumper and the seats of the car. To reach hiding places, the police had to dismantle the decorative covering and additional frames, which was disguised tobacco.

Now law enforcement officers count the exact number of detected cigarettes and establish all the circumstances of the case.