LONDON, June 5. /Offset. TASS Ilya Dmitriev, Maxim Ryzhkov/. Additional security measures imposed at bridges of London after the terrorist attack occurred in the night of 4 June. On Monday said Prime Minister Theresa may after the meeting of the government’s emergency Committee COBRA.

“The police took additional security measures to protect the public and to give her confidence. They include additional security measures on the many bridges of London”, – informed the head of government.

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In less than 2.5 months on the bridges of London have been two attacks . The first attack was made in the Westminster government district of London, March 22. Then the car at which wheel there was an inhabitant of Birmingham, 52-year-old terrorist Khalid Masood, was shot down passersby and three police officers on Westminster bridge.

The driver ditched the car near the building of the British Parliament, and then with a knife attacked a policeman in plain clothes, guarding the entrance to the Palace of Westminster, and attempted to enter the House of Commons. The guards shot the attacker, as a result of actions which killed five and injured dozens of people.

In the night of 4 June, three terrorists in the car made arrival on pedestrians in the area of London bridge in the British capital; then they drove to borough market-a market where out of the car and with knives attacked passers-by. According to the latest data, as a result of the terrorist attacks seven people were killed and 48 people were hospitalized, 21 of them as critical. The attackers were liquidated by the police.