The guest of the program was the representative of the people of Muncie Valery Adamov, who had been introduced as the conductor of the group and as a person last seen alive tourists. It was also reported that he is ready to name the killers of tourists.

Berenholtz into smithereens broke the version that the deaths of tourists could be involved in his ancestors, reports “Russian conversation”. However, the first floor was given to Vladimir Askenazy and Vadim Brusnitsyn parties search team that found the missing tourists 60 years ago.

Brusnitsyn expressed the opinion that the day of the disappearance a group of Dyatlov was under the influence of psychotropic drugs. They took them to improve endurance and strength. Brusnitsyn also said that he was not allowed to visit the tent tourists.

Askinazi also criticized this version, stressing that Dyatlova didn’t need to use prohibited substances. Answering the question of what killed the tourists, he said that their injuries can only be explained by deliberate murder.

“Dyatlov killed people, military people who know how to kill. Why — do not know. But killed cleverly,” – said the expert.

Later in the Studio came Benjamin of Berenholtz who served in those years in the Urals. He said that Dyatlova was fun guys. Came to our camp they 1 Feb, and the next morning he decided to hold them. Together they went about 20 miles, then stumbled upon the tent of a certain Andrew, the representative of the Mansi people.

Berenholtz said that the owner was helpful and treated the guests. The place he broke up with Dyatlova.

“I personally think it has to do with Muncie. Andrei could not participate, he could tell you that there is a group that they are, for example, you could Rob,” said guest.

And here is the final expert, the representative of the people of Muncie Valery Adamov, I am sure that his ancestors to the murder are not related. He stressed that Muncie – ordinary and simple people.

“Somehow, even wildly suggest such a thing that normal people did that,” he said, suggesting that the death of tourists associated with the launch.