Finally seeded a Golden mask. The ceremony took place in the “Stas” with over-the-top concentration of theatrical folk from all over the country. No matter how abused the “Mask”, as if posed either refused to participate in it, to date it remains the most prestigious and coveted award of national importance.

photo: Michael Guterman

Yevgeny Mironov.

The memorable ceremony “ZM”-2017? Certainly not the revolutionary spirit, though, and she fell on the centenary year of the October revolution.

B/W the costumes of the dancers and the leading — gutta-percha Anna Chipovskaya and witty Sergey Episheva (by the way, he and a jury member this year). Cold, white light, filling the black space and the cold rays streaking through it backwards and forwards. Plastic balls ping-pong interspersed with scenic snow. And three pale women’s faces on plasma — three Madonna, cartoon voice talks about the modern theatre (Mat, format and something else) . In General, the Director Nina Chusova, in Alliance with the artist Ksenia Peretrukhina presented to the respected audience of the business sample of minimalism in black and white.

Installation on minimalism and content of the ceremony: dancing, at least the ceremonies and words of gratitude. Even the word “exciting” three hours sounds only (attention!!!) three times.

photo: Michael Turetsky
Oleg Tabakov.

So, most of the applause goes to Vladimir Etush and Oleg Tabakov (nomination “For the contribution to theatrical art”) and Evgenia Simonova (“Best female role”), brilliantly played the wife of Leo Tolstoy in the play “the Russian novel” Theatre. Mayakovsky (directed by Mindaugas Karbauskis). Yevgeny Mironov, who presented “Mask” in the cap (because it acted in the role of Lenin), just quoted the leader, nice grassina.

photo: Michael Guterman
Yevgeny Simonov.

In General, the “Russian novel” was noted already in three nominations: “Best performance”, “Best playwright” (Marius, Ivaskevicius) and mentioned “Best actress”. But the “Best male role” is recognized as hamlet performed by Daniel Kozlowski — his tan looked brutal call whites hall. Notice that a new performance of Lev Dodin’s “hamlet” literally split the city audience exactly in half, and not just “for” and “against”, radical: “great” and “terrible.” However, it is impossible not to admit that it is a master work that you may really appreciate with time.

photo: Michael Guterman
Daniel Kozlovsky.

“The Russian novel” is pretty strong competitors in the face of their fundamental and long-standing rivals — the St. Petersburg Tovstonogov Tovstonogov and Alexandrinsky theatre. The result of the BDT with the play “the Storm” was awarded for “Best Director” Andrew Mighty, and rightfully so. And the Alexandrinsky took two “Masks”: “Best artist” (Nikolai Roshchin, a performance of “the Raven”) and the special prize “For the outstanding ensemble cast” in the play “On the other side of the curtain” (dir. Andriy Zholdak, small form, Chekhov’s play “Three sisters”). Moreover, the jury unanimously ensemble included the actress who was somehow nominated, thus United, Igor Volkov, Vitaly Kovalenko and Elena Varakina. In low form of a special prize for ensemble cast marked and Three sisters from Novosibirsk in the production of Timothy kulyabina — great actors play Chekhov play on the language of hearing people.

photo: Michael Guterman
Andrey Moguchy.

“The best male role of the second plan”, which Holger Munzenmaier (play “once upon a time”), went to the little town of Sharypovo of the Krasnoyarsk territory, where only 38 thousand inhabitants. “The best female role of the second plan” went with Elena, Nemzer in St Petersburg, Alexandrinsky (“Voron”).

Puppeteers instead of reply effectively words sounded guttural singing artist Alexander Balsanov recognized along with Anne of Somking best in show “Colin’s work” (project “Contorta” and “Puppet format” theatre from St. Petersburg). The story is thin, based on a book by Sergei Golyshev “My son down”, where we have used the poems of the author’s son — Kolya Golyshev. It’s a pity the Kohl with his parents came to the scene descended from the mezzanine, and the road to the stage is not found.

The work of artist Viktor Antonov marked “Mask” for the play “Iron” (theatre of Petrozavodsk). “The best Director of the puppet show” is recognized as Natalia Pakhomova of Moscow puppet theatre for the play “Tale with your eyes closed: the hedgehog in the fog”.

photo: Michael Guterman
Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

In musical theatre, this situation: “the Best performance in the operetta/musical” — “Drayman and the king” Krasnoyarsk youth theatre, “Best actress in a musical” — Sonia from “Crime and punishment” performed by Maria Bjork (musical Theatre from Shvydkoi). “Best ballet production” — “Romeo and Juliet” (the Opera and ballet Theatre, Yekaterinburg). Nomination “the Best conductor in the ballet” by Pavel Klinichev (“Ondine”, the Bolshoi theatre), who never doubted his own victory (“it’s Nice to go to the ceremony knowing that you were nominated with three works, and you’ll win anyway”). In contemporary dance “the Mask” — ballet “Moscow” for the play “All roads lead to the North.” The nomination “the Best performance in the Opera” gave “Rodelinda” the Bolshoi theatre, and work in it as a Director is marked Richard Jones.

All in black and leather, like a demon, Teodor Currentzis, taking a “Mask” for “Best conductor in Opera”, has congratulated all on Easter. And it’s about reconciling winners and losers.