The plane



Photo: Twitter

World news:On the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean sea, a tourist from New Zealand was killed near the airport when it knocked out the flow of air during takeoff of the liner.

Resting from New Zealand died near the famous airport on St. Maarten in the Caribbean when she was knocked down flow of air at take-off of the liner.

According to the Independent, 57-year-old woman, along with the other campers watched the sending of the plane, holding on to the fence of the airport when it blew air wave. She fell and hit her head hard. The victim was urgently hospitalized in the hospital where from the received traumas she has died.

The incident occurred in the airport Princess Juliana. Its runway is located close to the beach. During the landing or takeoff of aircraft flying only a few dozen meters above the heads of tourists. This makes the airport on Sint Maarten, a popular destination among tourists .