Photo: 70 angry bears tore tourists vacation

The bears are particularly aggressive due to lack of feed due to weak calls fish in one of the largest spawning sites near the route of the tourists.

A popular tourist route on the river Hakuzen temporarily shut down in Yuzhno-Kamchatsky wildlife preserve for 70 hungry bears showing aggression. On Monday, August 12, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the administration of the reserve.

“On the coast of the river, along which runs a popular tourist route Puzzles Hakuzen, there is a large concentration of hungry predators,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the bears have become aggressive due to lack of feed due to the weak calls of sockeye salmon in one of the largest spawning grounds of the Kuril basin of the lake.

In the reserve point out that usually in the area in late summer there is a massive spawning run of sockeye salmon, but now in the spawning grounds come only a few salmon. Bears while waiting for the food to be concentrated on the banks of the river, there now up to 70 adults. Due to acute shortage of food between animals, conflicts often arise. In this regard, increases the risk of aggression bears in relation to man.

“We believe that at the moment, in terms of increased stress levels of animals to suspend the operation of the route to the possible mass call river sockeye and saturation of bears, or to reduce the concentration of animals after their transition to more favourable areas”, – quotes the press-service of the word researcher of the Institute for water and environmental problems.

River Hakuzen included in the pool of Kuril lake – one of the most popular natural features of Kamchatka. Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to observe the world’s largest population of brown bears in their natural habitat.

Previously there was video as the two bears at the zoo fighting over ice cream. And in the US on video shot of a bear-thief. The animal climbed onto the roof of the shed, which broke the bird feeder, and dragged him away.


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