MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. Recipients of the “far Eastern hectare”, who applied for land in the southern part of the Kuril Islands until the end of February, while there was a restriction on the issuance of land in this area will be able to get their land. This was reported to journalists the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East Sergei Kutaev.

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“Until the end of February in most territories of the Kuril Islands sites were provided . As of now the Islands are provided with 700 plots, and, accordingly, those applications that were filed before the emergence of territories which are not available now areas, they will be provided to the citizens,” he said.

Thus, all 700 applications received via the website Nadalnews.Of the Russian Federation until 22 February if they meet the established law on “far hectare” the requirements will be satisfied.

Kachaev said that now considers the possibility to re-allocate land in 13 settlements of the Kuril Islands, and with effect from the end of February, restrictions on the issuance, according to him, are not associated with policy decisions. “Now I can say that about 30 Federal and regional authorities set up these zones, which are not provided land. The principal bodies that set the largest area of these zones is the Agency and the FFA. That is, deposits, subsoil and forests, protective forests, in which the plots cannot be granted in accordance with applicable law,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Earlier media reported that on February 22 the territory of the Kuril Islands was locked in a Federal information system (FIS), the issuance of free “far acres,” and, accordingly, it is not known whether satisfied filed before the end of February applications for allocation of plots.

The law on “far hectare” entered into force on 1 June 2016, it is being implemented in stages and involves getting citizens for free plots of 1 ha in the Far East. First the right to choose land given to the inhabitants of the nine pilot municipal districts (one from each subject in the far Eastern Federal district). From October 1 the right to request a “far Eastern hectare” was extended to all the inhabitants of the Far East, from February 1, 2017 – on the inhabitants of other regions of Russia.