The building of patrol police


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Ukraine news: the Staff of patrol police on the highway “Kyiv-Odessa” detained the man who stole at the gas station at the store alcoholic beverages and tried to escape.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 6, on the highway “Kyiv – Odessa “. The police asked the employees of the gas station and reported that an unknown man in an alcohol intoxication in the store were seized by elite alcoholic drinks and tobacco and trying to escape the car . About it reports a press-service of the patrol police.

“The patrol using the mod gave the order to stop the vehicle but the driver increased his speed, ignoring the legitimate demand of police officers”, – told about the incident to the police.

It is noted that, when moving, the driver threw glass bottles and other foreign objects causing mechanical damage to the patrol car.

Pursuing the car, the patrol attempted a dangerous way to stop the driver, who was moving in an open car like a “convertible” at speed.

The VW Golf was stopped on the 300-m km of the highway “Kiev — Odessa”: the patrol alerted the driver about the possibility of the use of firearms, after which he stopped his vehicle – according to police.

The car was torn to pieces: in Kiev the drunk company on a car crashed into a pole

The offender to administrative reports drawn up under part 1 of article 130 of the Cao (office of the intoxicated) and article 122-2 (default by drivers of requirements about a stop).