IMF tightens security on the roads




News of Ukraine: the interior Ministry said on strengthened security measures on the roads before the end of the tourist season.

Enhanced security measures on the roads will continue until the end of the season. On this day, July 24, reported the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Yarovoy, the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“Strengthening measures of traffic safety is not a temporary action, but permanent work. Now expanded patrols by members of the national guard.

Increased density of the patrol posts on the roads of national and international importance. All this will last until the end of the season,” said first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs.

He added that the continued joint with the territorial divisions of Ukrtransagent verify compliance with the rules and conditions of carriage of the citizens .

Near Odessa facing the truck and passenger car.

Deputy head of patrol police Department Alex Beloshitskiy noted that the leadership of Ukraine has already approved a Plan of urgent measures to enhance road safety and reduce accidents in the state.

“We have analyzed accidents and developed a detailed Plan for attracting additional forces and means subordinate units for effective supervision of traffic. Taken under the personal control service by squads of patrol police on the roads of the state and international importance, the places of concentration of road accidents and locations with line of traffic, first towards the Southern regions of the country and the countries of the European Union,” he added.

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The interior Ministry recalled that the previous day the police had identified more than 80 carriers-violators