The visit of German MPs has been scheduled for Monday, July 17.

The Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on defence Wolfgang Hellmich said that Ankara is blocking the scheduled visit of German MPs to the military of the Bundeswehr placed at a NATO base in the Turkish Konya, Deutshe Welle reports.

The deputies appealed to the Federal Ministry of foreign Affairs with a request to postpone a planned trip with the hope that the situation will not reach a complete ban of the visit.

The appeal of Ankara was formulated in the form of a “request” with reference to the strained Turkish-German relations”.Hellmich at the same time insists that the members of the Bundestag have the right to visit the military in the service no matter what the relations between Ankara and Berlin.

Earlier it was reported that Germany began to withdraw its troops from the Turkish air base in Incirlik, where they supported the international operation against the “Islamic state” .

We will remind, the conflict round base between Turkey and Germany emerged in mid-may, when Ankara did not give permission to enter by the delegation of the Committee of the Bundestag on defense, which was to visit Incirlik. At this step the Turkish authorities went after Berlin granted asylum to soldiers from Turkey.