The camp group of Ukrainian radicals, responsible for the blockade trade messages with the DNI and the LC, were attacked by unidentified persons in military technology.

Relevant information was published on the official website of the “headquarters” in Facebook.

According to the sources, security forces stormed the location “of the 16th volunteer battalion”, located near the curve End. At first the radicals were left without mobile communication, and then were forced to meet a group of unidentified armored personnel carriers in their camp.

However, the connection was soon established. Found that the redoubt arrived the security forces of the SBU, which commanded a major Ostafijchuk. The unit is also provided with several minibuses. The commander explained the arrival of the anti-terrorist operation .

Currently became aware of the arrival of a similar force group to the camp of the radicals in Bakhmut (Artemovsk ex – ed.).

Recall that the blockade was organized in January of this year. Participants require it to completely abandon the coal produced in the territory of the DNI and LC. Official Kyiv has not taken any drastic measures against what is happening.

Previously, “Russian conversation” I was told in the presidential Administration one of the representatives of the Petro Poroshenko expressed a point of view about the blockade, under which Ukraine receives tremendous harm from such actions. It is assumed that the true purpose of such measures remain still elusive.