Photo: Scrnshot video iz One of the Russian captives of ISIS were at war on Donbass

Captive of militants of the Islamic state Gregory Turchanov fought in the Donbas in 2014.

A resident of the Moscow region, Grigory Turchanov (Burkanov), which was captured by the militants of the terrorist organization Islamic state, fought on the Donbass. On Wednesday, October 4, Radio Liberty reports with reference to brother a captive of the Novel.

According to him, Gregory Turchanov twice in 2014 went to fight in the Donbass. For this he regularly gave out medals.

“Yes, in the beginning went. They just give it to dill about**atsya. They drove them, only comrade Putin, damn it, we have a truce concluded. Brother told me, there are thousands of our guys killed,” said Turchanov.

“I don’t know what it was. There were Wagner came in and offered visits, I don’t know. They offered the group some special GRU as a commander . Then he went directly Lnrovtsy themselves invited, the leadership of the LC. And then they were expelled from there. I don’t even know how to say… it’s all dirty. FSB there is money involved, the laundering, the roof there are bandits. It’s just dirt full,” – said the man.

Earlier, the IG published a video in which there are captured Russian soldiers. One of the men seems to Zabolotnyi, Roman V., born in 1979, native of the village of Rassvet in Rostov region.

The Russian defense Ministry denied this information.

Soon in Russia, identified the prisoner with the ISIS videos, which turned out to be Gregory Turchanov.