Photo: Fall back to Montana at the end of the week

Snow storm in Montana may be the largest for 85 years. The regional authorities have imposed a state of emergency.

In the us state of Montana has imposed a state of emergency due to the snow storm that hit the state this weekend. This was reported on the website of the Governor.

“Due to the unprecedented winter storm, which became for us an unexpected surprise in September, the local government and the state government cooperate closely in order to protect the health and safety of the residents of Montana,” said Governor Steve bullock.

It is reported that in some areas of the state got about 100 inches of rain, damaged power lines and blocked roads. “Storm can also cause flooding in the state,” fear of local authorities.

As reported by CNN, the town of great falls on Saturday fell to a record 25 cm of snow. The previous record was set over 60 years ago – in 1954 – then the day the streets were covered with 9-centimeter layer of snow.

Media noted that the September snows – not as a unique phenomenon for this is located in the North of the area, but usually this time of year they are not so powerful. “If the forecast comes true, this [the snow] to be comparable or even surpass the storm of 1934, which for many regions is considered the most powerful documented,” said CNN meteorologist Ivan Cabrera.

In turn, reports CBS television, according to weather forecasts, bad weather awaits residents of Montana on Monday. In this regard, many schools will be closed. As expected, the usual fall back in the state by the end of the week.

BREAKING: Major snow drifts in Cut Bank, Montana as snow storm hits parts of northwestern U.S. and parts of Alberta, Canada. Rare sight this time of year:

— BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) September 29, 2019

Recall that in the Ukrainian Carpathians the snow is gone in mid-September.


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