Eurovision 2018


Culture news: Today,12 may at 22:00 Lisbon (Portugal) will host the final of “Eurovision-2018”.

At 22:00 (Kyiv time) in Lisbon at the stadium Altice Arena will host the final of “Eurovision-2018”. In the final of the competition got 26 participants. 20 contestants took place in the result of the voting in the first and second semi-finals. Automatically at the final fall of the country, the founder of “Eurovision” in Germany, France, UK, Spain and Italy, as well as the winners of last year – Portugal. Will open the Grand final of the representative of Ukraine MELOVIN with his song “Under the Ladder”.

Melovin will open the Grand final of the Eurovision song contest 2018

To watch online broadcast of the final of Eurovision-2018

2018 Eurovision: the second semi-final (Video)

Participants will perform in the following order:

1. Melovin (Ukraine) – Under The Ladder.

2. Alfred Y Amaia (Spain) – Tu Cancion.

3 . Lea Sirk (Slovenia) – Hvala, ne!

4. Zasimauskaite Ieva (Lithuania) – When We’re Old.

5. Cesar Sampson (Austria) – Nobody But You.

6. Elina Nechayeva (Estonia) – La Forza.

7. Alexander Rybak (Norway) – That’s How You Write A Song.

8. Claudia Rua Camilo (Portugal) – O Jardim.

9. SuRie (UK) – Storm.

10. Sanja Ilic & Balkanika (Serbia) – Nova Deca

11. Michael Schulte (Germany) – You Let Me Walk Alone.

12. Eugent Bushpepa (Albania) – Mall.

13. Madame Monsieur (France) – Mercy.

14. Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic) – Lie to Me.

15. Rasmussen (Denmark) – Higher Ground.

Eurovision 2018: where to watch the final of the competition

16. Jessica Mauboy (Australia) – We Got Love.

17. Saara Aalto (Finland) – Monsters.

18. EQUINOX (Bulgaria) – Bones.

19. DoReDoS (Moldova) – My Lucky Day.

20. Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden) – Dance You Off.

21. AWS (Hungary) – Viszlat Nyar.

22. Netta (Israel) – TOY.

23. Waylon (The Netherlands) – Outlaw In ‘Em.

24. Ryan O Shaughnessy (Ireland) – Together.

25. Eleni Foureira (Cyprus) – Fuego.

26. Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro (Italy) – Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente.

Ruslana told how has changed the Eurovision song contest

It is known that after the second semi-final has changed the top three favorites according to the bookies, although it is possible that the winner of the song contest has remained unchanged, according to the website Еurovisionworld. First place is still occupied by the representative of Cyprus, Eleni, Huraira, and the second still is Netta Barzilai from Israel. The performances of both contestants held during the first semi-final.

The European broadcasting Union has banned the Chinese channel to broadcast “Eurovision” for censorship

And here’s Alexander Rybak, who previously confidently entered the top three were moved to ninth place. Now predict the third place Duo Monsieur Madame from France. The representative of our country, MELOVIN, yet is on the 21st place.

“Eurovision 2018”: bookmakers after the second semi-final

In Ukraine the final of the contest “Eurovision” will show channels “UA:First”, “UA:Crimea” and STB. Stream will start at 22:00 Kyiv time.