The decision of Pechersky regional court of Kiev on granting access to investigators of the state Bureau of investigation (GBR) documents of the General staff of the Ministry of defence, in particular the Strategic plan for the use of the Armed forces of Ukraine threatens the national security of the state, said MP of the faction “European solidarity” Michael Zabrodsky.

“I would like to draw attention, as was recently reported, the Pechersky district court has granted access of its decision to the Strategic plan for the use of the Armed forces of Ukraine, in particular investigators with the State Bureau of investigation. Just want to clarify: we are talking about the document, which in our country are all familiar in full a dozen, maybe two dozen people, including the Supreme commander of the armed forces of Ukraine”, – quotes the Zabrodsky press-service of “European solidarity” on Monday.

The MP stressed that the court made this decision despite the fact that the leadership of the RRG expresses the inability to provide full privacy mode in your office.

“This is done at a time when there’s a real risk of information leakage and in particular the uncontrolled spread of the components of the plan and information contained in this document,” said Michael Zabrodsky.

“Our political force sees this as a direct threat to national security. Because there is a real risk of getting this document in whole or its separate elements, including in the hands of Russia as country-aggressor,” – said the MP.




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