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PYEONGCHANG /South Korea/, February 9. /TASS./ The opening ceremony of the winter Olympic games will take place on Friday in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. The program of the day start of the team tournament of figure skaters, the next matches of the Russian curlers, and qualifications in the discipline of freestyle Mogul skiing .

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At 04:00 Moscow time at the Ice arena “Gyeongpo” in Kannyn starts the short program in men in the team tournament on figure skating at 05:45 on the ice will be released pair. In this kind of Russian figure skaters have great chances for medals, and their main rivals are the teams of Canada, USA, Japan and China.

The first program will perform Mikhail Kolyada and sports a pair of Evgeniya Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, who came from a training camp in Japan before the rest of the partners. In the men’s tournament competitors, the recent bronze medalist of the European championship in Moscow carols will be primarily canadian Patrick Chan, American Nathan Chen, the Japanese SEMA UNO and Chinese Yan Han. Chen and UNO ahead of carols in the Grand Prix final this season, where the Russian skater was third, while two-time medalist of the Olympics in Sochi, Chan donated the Grand Prix to prepare better for the Olympics.

Just in the Olympic tournaments will feature 10 teams. In the men’s competition your team will also present cha Jung-hwan of South Korea, Paul Pentz from Germany, the Frenchman Shafiq Besigye, Italian Matteo Rizzo and Alexei Bychenko from Israel.

Tarasova and Morozov, it is necessary not to concede to the Canadians

European Champions Tarasova and Morozov in the final Grand Prix took fifth place, while their main competitors for the team tournament from Canada Megan Duhamel and Eric Radford were third. The winners of the Grand Prix of Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Mass from Germany will also compete in the team tournament of the Olympic games, but the chances of a medal from their team minimum due to the lack of strong partners in other types.

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In competitions couples also said Kim Eun-Gyu Kam and Alex from South Korea, the Israelis Paige Conners and Eugene krasnopolskiy, Mew, Suzuki and Ryuichi Kihara of Japan, Alex Shimek and Chris Knierim from USA, Yu Xiaoyu and Zhang Hao of China, the French Vanessa James and Morgan the Sipr. In this kind of Asian couples it will be difficult to compete with the main competitors, given that China has not put in command the tournament’s strongest pair sui Wenjing and Han Cong, and the Japanese, Suzuki and Kihara was only eighth at the recent “Tournament of four continents”.

Russian figure skaters will arrive to South Korea in stages, given that the team tournament will not be complete until February 12. On Sunday planned a short program for women and short dance and free program in pairs. Complete team tournament Monday men, women, and dancing duets.

In each team tournament winners in the short program will receive 10 points, second place get 9 points, third 8 points, etc. In this short program is the qualification, the right to skate the free program get five best teams (or more in the case of division fifth place) by the sum of points scored in the short program. The winners in this program also receive 10 points, second place get 9 points, third 8, fourth – 7, fifth – 6.

Before any program, each team is allowed to make at most two substitutions in the composition.

The opening of the new stadium

The main event Friday will be the opening ceremony, which will begin at the Olympic stadium Pyeongchang 14:00 GMT. 35-thousand arena was built to the current Games, there will not be competition for the Olympics and Paralympics, but only the opening and closing. The ceremony is expected star performances by South Korean singers.

The opening ceremony will be attended by 80 people from the delegation of Olympic athletes from Russia (OAR), including players of the hockey team, snowboarding, Luge, and skiers and jumpers in the ski jumping, the representatives of freestyle, ski racing, bobsled and skeleton, speed skating.

The Olympic flag, which will host a delegation of Olympic athletes from Russia, will be borne by the volunteer, appointed by the organizing Committee of the Games.

By tradition, the parade of Olympians will begin Greek athletes. Behind them, the teams will go in alphabetical order because it will be based on Korean language, command OAR will be in the middle of the list of participating countries. There is a parade of North Korean and South Korean athletes who will be under the flag, symbolizing the unity of the countries. The delegation OAR was 55-th ordinal in the parade of teams, between the teams of Austria and Uzbekistan.

The continuation of the tournament of curlers

The third and fourth matches at the Olympic tournament in the discipline of double-mixt held by the Russian curlers Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky. Matches round 3 starts at 02:35 GMT, Bryzgalov and krushelnitsky will meet with rivals from Finland – Ooney Cause and Tom Rantamaki. The Finnish team is the only one of all participants of the tournament, losing both of the opening match.

In the 3rd round will also play teams from South Korea and Norway, USA and Switzerland, China and Canada. At 07:35 GMT there will be a meeting of the 4th round, where the Russian curlers will meet with the team to China posed by Wang Rui and BA Dexin. Friday night rivals of the Russian team on the eve of played matches with teams of South Korea and Switzerland, however, if the Finns both times lost, the Chinese team managed to defeat the hosts behind the leaders Switzerland.

In the 4th round there will be teams of Canada and Finland, USA and South Korea, Switzerland and Norway. In the preliminary round, four of the eight teams qualify for the quarterfinals.

In the program Friday is also qualified in the moguls – one of the disciplines of freestyle, which starts at 04:00 MSK at women and at 05:45 for men. In the women’s tournament announced 30 women, among whom the Russians Marika Pertakhia, Ekaterina Stolyarova and Regina Rakhimova. In this view the top 10 athletes in the qualification round qualify for the finals, the rest will take part in the second qualifying on Monday, which will determine the 10 finalists. The finals in women’s moguls will also be held on February 11.

The same system will be the selection of finalists of the men’s tournament, which will also involve 30 of freestylers. At the start of the qualification will be only one Russian athlete – 30-year-old Alexander Smyshlyaev, who will speak at the fourth Olympics. In 2014 in Sochi Smyshlyaev won the bronze medal, and in the current Cup season above seventh place was not raised.

The second qualification and finals in the men’s moguls will take place on February 12.