conclusions the specialist has built on the information passenger Alana Lenovo, which
flew on an airliner from Mexico to Japan. During the flight representative
the stronger sex decided to take some photos of the picturesque island, which
located among the ocean waters. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii

First it was reported that Bermuda owe the existence of an underwater volcano.

When he started
consider the in detail, maximizing lens resolution, I noticed on the sand inscription HELP. To big happiness, unlike conventional
people who would not give value for the above phenomenon, a man not
was easy to ask for help from the flight attendant.

After a
time the rescue party managed to find that on the island through 270
boulders huddled inscription on the plea to save a life. On a piece of land had
signs of the presence of Robinson.

The occupant
the island revealed a few hours later. Scientists focused on
on the island was not witnessed by traces of the crash of air or water

Previously been made public the phenomenon of Bouvet island. We will remind, on Easter island found signs of alien life.