The other day in the Concert hall named after Tchaikovsky Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov gave the only concert, dedicating it to the memory of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. However, at individual sites, prices were set (denomination irrelevant) to 150 thousand rubles. Moreover, long before the private concert, the Dodgers managed to sell generally non-existent tickets. The actions of dealers angered Anna Netrebko.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Since this concert the soloists wanted to do as much as money, Anna enraged that the so-called speculators at the mere mention of her name is extremely intensified, which led to excessive prices…

“Dear organizers of the concerts! Managers and Resellers — if I ever (in large letters, a — Y. S.) will hear that the price of my concerts through the roof 100 000 — I just won’t come anymore… all thanks!”.

This story has several aspects. Not even all of them will open . The first aspect is obvious: fortunately, of the entire cultural fraternity is an Opera diva, powerful women — the late Vishnevskaya, Obraztsova, now living Maria Maksakova, Netrebko never by word in a pocket did not climb, and if they need to slash the plain truth, they will slash, anything not looking and no one was afraid. For example, Maksakova and Netrebko is so easy to pass on the acoustics in the Bolshoi theater that is often considered taboo and embarrassing subject. And it is fortunate that such careful people in our time and in our risk-averse society is. This is important.

Another point that the concerts of other big stars are not so frequent here, and their fees — I’m not talking about the concert, and in principle can achieve quite a tangible money, plus the rider, security, hotels and so on… and it can even affect legal pricing and what to say about all price fraud.

Third: often viewers themselves create or succumb to the hype in a vacuum, for example, I was very surprised by the turn of Serov in the Tretyakov gallery, when three hours in Vienna, my daughter and the hours sitting in a completely empty hall of the Vienna Museum, from floor to ceiling hung with Raphael, and in the past the paintings, God forbid, passed twenty… It is clear that the concerts of the individual arias are often exclusive in nature (and second this may not be even), but the psychological desire to “presence on the fashion party” often overshadows the meaning and essence of what is happening, and I hope the day will come when any excitement will only deter true connoisseurs.

And finally, the problem of dealers. With her suffer with varying degrees of success in different theatres of the first magnitude, though, if you take the absolute numbers are not so much in Moscow of events really cause an explosive hype. Yeah, the Big is “the Nutcracker” for the New year, now, probably, “Nureyev”. Well, you can still draw some in different theatres with a dozen names, but I guess all this is something about 1% of all events in the city…

This question — and how to deal with the dealers? — we asked the Director of theatre “Lenkom» Mark Varshaver.

— Understand correctly — says mark Miller, — who is now a middleman? The law has been simplified and at the same time, complicated that today it is like a business, you understand what’s going on? Unfortunately. And I don’t think they can win. It is unreal.

So they — unless, of course, are not fake tickets directly — I work in the legal field?

— It turns out — Yes. No one can grab your hand. The only thing they can grab — for tax evasion. And overestimation of the value… I bought a pack of sugar and want to sell it for a million. If there is such a person, I will buy it, what’s the problem? Today it is not called speculation. That’s the story. If I have tickets, which are my property, and someone bought them from me at an exorbitant price, the only thing police can do is take me to the tax. That’s all the punishment. No further. Actually the question is extremely complex.

— Simple recipes for no?

— I can’t get this recipe to give. Anna not like that 100 000 tickets are. And, maybe, on the contrary, should rejoice? Here’s mark A. — I’m kidding, of course — happy when you fake theater tickets. So theatre people are interested in, to want to get. A joke is a joke, but the truth is there. And when you do not want to buy — the audience is not only overpaid, but you and for a very minimal price tickets do not sell. So the issue is complex I… I would say he incorrectly formulated, based on current realities. Who is this middleman? What is a middleman?

— Apparently, need different in principle to formulate the problem — including legally?

— Well certainly.

…The rest of the theater was just asked Anna to give a concert they have too, they would have taken care of available tickets. Laughter laughter, but the theme of high prices, afraid not take long time from the news feeds. Probably, a little must, first and foremost, to change the society itself…