This was stated by the Marshal of the Polish Senate Stanislav Karchevsky.

The States of Central and Eastern Europe are working on a joint resolution for the return of Russia’s voting rights in PACE.

As informs the Polish radio, stated the Marshal of the Polish Senate Stanislav Karchevsky during a meeting with representatives of the countries invited to Lublin for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of signing the Union of Lublin.

According to Karchevsky, in the near future Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Georgia will discuss joint steps due to the return of the Russian Federation in PACE.

“We are all outraged by this situation. Country representatives who came to today’s celebration, I said I wanted to prepare a joint resolution. But here, in Lublin, during these festivities, it will be very difficult to do. Instead, we talked about holding a joint meeting as soon as possible,” said Karchevsky.

June 26, PACE adopted the decision on confirmation of the credentials of the delegation of the Russian Federation without restrictions, despite the violation by Moscow of Council of Europe principles.

Because of this, seven national delegations announced the move. We are talking about Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Ukraine questioned their continued participation in PACE.