Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Viktor Orban

Prime Minister of Hungary called crime and sin, the cooperation of the Pro-fascist regime with the Nazis.

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban recognized the responsibility of his country for complicity in the Holocaust. He stated this during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Orban called crime and sin the cooperation of the authorities of Hungary under the leadership of miklós Horthy with the Nazis and refusal to protect the Jewish community during the Second world war.

During the Holocaust in concentration camps were destroyed 550 thousand Hungarian Jews – 70 percent of the Jewish population of the country.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stressed in his speech that his government is intolerant of anti-Semitism. “I told the Prime Minister of Israel that the Hungarian government protects all its citizens, regardless of their religion and ethnic origin,” – said Orban . He added that he is proud of the revival of Jewish life in the country.

Netanyahu, in turn, stated that he appreciates the position of Hungarian colleagues, and thanked him for his support of Israel in the international arena. This is the first visit of the head of the government of Israel to Hungary since the fall of the socialist regime in 1989.

In Germany, an elderly woman was sentenced to prison for denying the Holocaust.