The actress said that she is doing well, and that she spends Saturday night, September 28 at home. It is reported by RIA Novosti, reports the Russian Dialogue.

Bochkareva refused to comment on the appearance of the video. She compared the resonant incident with the transfer of “Scandals. Intrigue. Investigation” and made it clear that over the recent scandal has arisen and intrigue will follow the investigation. The actress said that she is a serial actress and in one series is not removed, then added that “to be continued”.

Today, the interior Ministry reported the arrest in Moscow, a female born in 1980, which was in possession of cocaine was found. According to the publication, a source in law enforcement said that I was arrested. In media appeared reports that the actress was hiding drug in underwear and nervous while interacting with the police, then confessed, gave the police a bag of cocaine and gave his own recognizance.

This very “Dasha Bukin” denies everything. However, in the Internet appeared the video, allegedly filmed the scene of the arrest Bochkareva, in which the actress is already wearing the handcuffs.