Orlando bloom and Katy Perry



Photo: from open sources

News of show business: Courting couple caught after leaving the restaurant “Materi”.

The star couple, who recently announced their engagement, not hiding their romance. Though Orlando bloom and Katy Perry have saturated schedules, they still find time to each other. So, Orlando bloom traveled to Japan, where Katy Perry was on tour, and on 25 February, the paparazzi saw a couple on a date in London.

For a romantic dinner, the actress chose an elegant black suit. Katy Perry complements the image-heeled sandals. At the same time, Orlando bloom chose to meet with his beloved sportswear. The actor showed up in pants and mustard jacket shut. Sneakers and jacket completed the “look” of a celebrity for a romantic evening.

It is worth noting that the star couple had dinner in the famous restaurant “Materi” . After a romantic feast Orlando bloom and Katy Perry rode a motorcycle through the streets of London. When you exit lovers have already been wearing a protective helmet. Probably so people don’t recognize them.

Recall that Orlando bloom and Katy Perry started Dating back in 2016. Subsequently, in February 2017, the couple announced the breakup. In August celebrities attended the concert of ed Sheeran, during which happily posed for selfies with fans.

Recently Western media reported that Orlando bloom and Katy Perry are back together and have serious intentions. The singer now cares more about the actor and tries not to lose it. Hence Orlando bloom decided to marry and he proposed to the star, to which she replied Yes.