Alexander Hug



Ukraine news:compared with last year the number of civilians injured in the Donbas has increased by 50%.

The number of civilians who were injured or killed during the conflict in the Donbas in the current year, up 50% compared to last year, said first Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) OSCE Alexander hug.

“From the beginning, the mission has recorded 330 victims among the civilian population. A significant portion of them were injured or were killed by shrapnel.. . And to show the seriousness of the situation, I’ll give you an example: if we compare the number of victims among the civilian population in the current year with the same period of last year, we will see more than 50% growth,” – said Alexander hug during a briefing in Odessa

He added that the observers of the OSCE SMM daily fix hundreds and even thousands of cases of violation of ceasefire regime, including the use of prohibited Minsk agreement of weapons.

“For example, on 23 July, the Mission has recorded more than 850 cases of violation of ceasefire regime”, – gave the example A. hug.

As reported, on July 21 A. hug at the press conference said that from the beginning of 2017 as a result of the conflict in the Donbass killed 59 civilians, more than 260 injured.